Cessna Single-Engine Props

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Cessna Single-Engine Props is one of the most comprehensive AI model projects developed for Microsoft's Flight Simulator© to date. Easily add the most popular series of general aviation aircraft in the world to your simulator's AI traffic at one time.

Features included:

A total of 57 separate visual models covering Cessna's long production history of civilian single-engine aircraft.
High quality visual models featuring low polygon counts with many models displaying less than 1000 polygons at LOD 1.
Multiple levels of detail (LODs) for maximum AI traffic performance.
Animated wheels, props, flaps, cowl flaps, landing gear, and control surfaces where applicable.
Accurate animations of the unique Cessna retractable landing gear characteristics.
Models featuring wheel pant and non-wheel pant versions where applicable.
Models equipped with floats, floats with operating landing gear, skis, and tundra tires.
Banner tower models of the 152 and 172 Skyhawk with conditionally appearing and user customizable banner message.
Early and current late model production versions of the 182 Skylane and 206 Stationair.
Updated models of the C208B Grand Caravan compatible with all current textures (also available as a free separate download).
Specialized flight dynamics optimized for AI traffic use.
Compatible with most third party aircraft manager programs.
High quality and very detailed base textures.
Very detailed layered Photoshop© (*.psd) paintkits.
Generic textures for each model in DXT3 format without mipmaps.
Generic textures for each model in 32-bit format so you can apply the registration of your choice.
Basic flightplans to cover most of the world.
Conditionally appearing tie down ropes, wheel chocks, and pitot tube covers.
Navigation and strobe light effects specifically sized for small GA aircraft.
Professional installer that places all components in their proper places with only a few mouse clicks.
Choice of automatic or manual installation.
Preview the models HERE.
Designed and supported for FS9 only. Can be adapted to work with FSX with minor modifications (not supported).
Piper Single-Engine Props
Piper Single-Engine Props is the second major AI model project in a series that continues where Cessna Single-Engine Props left off.
Details and previews coming soon???